Percent Change Calculator



Many marketers, finances traders, business owners and people in general use percentages to make better sense of numbers. It's smart to think of proportions when analyzing numbers. Relating this to whatever you are looking to interpret is very important to stay on the loop of things. The formula of percent change is rather a pretty simple formula that allows to calculate the percent change which reflects increase or decrease in any given period of time.


Simple put, it shows the percent change from one period (old) to another one (new). So for example if you are a business owner or manager and you sold 1000 units last month, and this month your total sales were 500 units, your sales decreased by 50%. Although this example might look pretty simple, there are large and difficult numbers that may not be so obvious to calculate the percent change. Thus, the percent change calculator is a great tool to calculate on a one second speed, long numbers from data points. Keeping track of the percent change of your weight, stock, sales, expenses, market, social media likes, you name it, it's critical for control and strategy. The formula is very easy but why wasting time? Use the calculator above to keep track of what you need to measure.

Percent Change Formula

Does your result shows a percent increase or decrease?
Remember, if you got a negative number it means that the percent change has decreased.
Very simple but essential for analytics. Use this calculator online to check and measure any percent increase or decrease in values.